Yearly Archives: 2015

Guest Blog Post by Rick Morgin – Winery Dashboards

What is a winery dashboard and why should wineries use them? Three hypothetical wineries are committed to investing to grow their direct to consumer (DTC) sales. Each winery has segmented their target market based on price. In this example, target consumers who spend more than $20.00 per 750ml bottle of […]

DTC Wine Case Study Series #3 – “Customer Care”

In our third of the “DTC Wine Sales Case Study Series,” Sandra Hess met with David Crum, Loyalty Marketing Manager at Duckhorn Vineyards, and Terry Hegarty, General Manager at WineDirect Outbound, to uncover the true return on investment (ROI) of contacting customers by phone in between visits. One key take-away […]

DTC Case Study Series #2 – “E-Commerce Website Design, Part 2”

As wineries are realizing the clear advantages of selling direct to consumer, now is the time to ensure that winery websites are e-commerce ready, mobile optimized and responsive to be viewed properly from any device (desktop, tablet or smartphone). John Gavin, on of our DTC Network Consultants, is a winery […]

Direct Wine Sales Evolution Series – Part Two

Greetings! I was invited to speak at Start Up Grind North Bay last month about direct to consumer (DTC) sales and marketing trends in the United States. John Starr, President of Start Up Grind North Bay, asked me to share insights about how to successfully sell directly to the consumer and also […]

Guest Blog Post by Marc Engel – Perspectives on Wine Marketing Research

Conducting wine marketing research in the wine industry is like hugging a porcupine. It’s hard to wrap your arms around, and you better know what you’re doing or else you can get hurt. The challenge is endemic to wine itself. With what other product do consumers get so overwhelmed by […]

Winery Hiring is UP as Direct Sales SURGE!

There has never been a better time in history to sell wine direct to the consumer. The recent Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) “Secrets of a Successful Tasting Room” report, released in conjunction with a live video stream by Rob McMillan and guests discussing the report, details interesting trends. One key takeaway for me […]

Guest Blog Post by James Davenport – Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is your winery website mobile friendly? In case you missed it, on April 21st, Google implemented a new algorithm for search on mobile devices that will alter mobile search engine optimization (SEO) results. Developers usually take note when Google changes their algorithms, but this one has caused more questions and […]

Introducing the “DTC Wine Case Study Series”

Greetings! I have the pleasure of serving a variety of winery owners and managers throughout the nation. I have frequent discussions with winery staff at onsite workshops and industry events, to identify their training needs for growing direct to consumer (DTC) wine sales. There is one common thread in most of my conversations—the […]