“Top 5 Direct Wine Sales Tips” Guest Blog Post

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Stefani Ginotti to the DTC Consultant Network. With close to three decades of coaching and consulting experience, Stefani Ginotti is a proven leader within the greater Sacramento area and the California wine industry. Her expertise is focused on discovering business efficiencies that can be gained through effective team building and strategic management training. Whether an operation that is experiencing the growing pains of starting-up or facing the challenge of re-inventing itself, Stefani has the all-encompassing knowledge of how a business should operate to gain its full potential.

Stefani has shared her Top 5 Direct Wine Sales Tips in this guest blog post. You will find her contact details below to connect and learn more about her services.


Sandra Hess, founder, DTC Wine Workshops

#1 The Customer Experience

I always tell my clients: give your staff the tools and training needed so that they can discover the art of hospitality. Yes, hire a team with fun personalities that can connect with people but remember that you have to go beyond personalities and train your staff to live and breathe hospitality. From the initial greeting to the signature on the credit card slip, customer hospitality is an end-to-end process that is a team effort. In today’s business world, your primary focus has to be on creating a customer experience that sets you apart from the rest and establishes your point of differentiation. Always be asking yourself: what does hospitality look like in my tasting room experience? Then train, motivate and inspire your team toward that vision and your brand personality. Make your employees realize they’re not just selling wine; they’re selling an experience!

#2 Getting to the WOW in Wine

According to a report released recently by Accenture*, the estimated price tag of poor customer service has reached an astounding $1.6 trillion in the United States alone. It’s proof positive of what I’ve been telling clients for years: whatever you’re selling, be it wine or anything else, growing your client base comes down to good customer service. Sure, it’s not rocket science, but you’d be surprised how many companies I’ve seen over the years struggle to achieve success with customer service. Today with our social media obsessed society, people have sounding boards to discuss nearly everything – including their experiences with companies – so customer service is important now more than ever. Don’t let a few bad reviews on Yelp or Google effect your business – start now to figure out how to develop the WOW experience in your tasting room.

#3 Be Prepared with Details, Details, Details

A tasting room team has to be focused on details and procedures – but of course don’t forget to have fun! Though the more you plan, the better off you’ll be. We’re talking about every scenario you can think of during a given day of tasting. What’s the procedure for large groups that show up unannounced? How do you handle people who drink too much and need to be removed from the premises? Is there enough receipt tape in the Point of Sale machine? Also think about non-urgent matters that impact the customer experience: If you’re kid-friendly, do you have lollipops for the little ones? If you welcome pets, do you have extra water bowls or treats for furry friends? Leave no stone unturned – even for the most obscure scenarios.

#4 Decide Early on Your Brand and Create a Plan

A brand is about defining who you are and how you want to be perceived in the marketplace – including your operation’s tasting room experience. Are you the family-friendly location who encourages people to bring their kids? Are you known for your Friday night jazz band concerts? Do you have a tasting room staff that can sing show tunes on demand? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes: when people think of your business – what is the first thing that you want to come to their mind when they’re talking about your winery? Let’s face it, it would be nice if we could build a few horseshoe pits and watch the crowds roll in, but that’s just not going to happen without a plan. With the customer brand experience, your winery has to take on a personality all its own and live out that personality through its team.

#5 Call in the Expert Let me help you discover your brand’s personality! Stumped with figuring out all the details of running a tasting room? Wondering how to deliver excellent hospitality and develop a loyal customer base for larger profits? I would love the opportunity to help you do just that. By developing your brand and creating your very own WOW experience.

To learn more Stefani’s services, contact her at: sgcoachingconsulting@gmail.com



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Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops and the DTC Consultant Network is a public speaker on the subject of direct to consumer wine sales and customer retention in the US.