[Video Interview] Shana Bull – Winery Video Marketing & Storytelling

May 5, 2020 – Latest News from DTC Wine Workshops! [Video Interview] Shana Bull – Winery Video Marketing & Storytelling Consultant joins the DTC Consultant Network

Today, we have the pleasure of welcoming Shana Bull to the DTC Consultant Network in this Video Interview. Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops, learns about Shana’s first job, the power of Chat Bots and value of Pinterest Search in digital marketing.

About Shana Bull:

Shana Bull is the founder of Shana Bull, Digital Marketing and has been involved in wine marketing for 11 years. Her title “Digital Storyteller” encompasses her passion for helping wine brands connect with consumers by telling their unique stories through social media and in-person. She has been a wine blogger since 2009 and is a published writer on wine, restaurants, social media marketing, parenting, music, and travel. Shana has been teaching classes on social media for ten years and was named one of the top “40 under 40” Young Professionals by the North Bay Business Journal in 2017.

About the DTC Consultant Network:

The DTC Consultant Network formed in 2014 and is a group of wine industry specialists supporting wineries of all sizes with coaching programs, consulting services and training. Winery teams across the US, Canada and Australia can select the consultant of choice or build a team of consultants to assist with an upcoming project. 

How to Connect with Shana:

To learn more about Shana and schedule an introductory call, checkout her BIO page HERE.

About Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops and the DTC Consultant Network is a subject matter specialist and public speaker on the subject of direct to consumer wine sales.