David Schloss – Winery Video Production


David Schloss – Winery Video Production

My name is David Schloss and I’m a visual storyteller. I use motion pictures to communicate with the world. I earned my B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University where I began my journey as a filmmaker. I have become inseparable from the art of moving images and working with people.

After working in the music industry, directing videos, David decided to move back home to Napa Valley and start a production company, Inventive Films, that services commercial businesses. Inventive Films was founded in 2011 in a college dorm room by David Schloss who earned his B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University where he began his journey as a filmmaker. David felt that winery videos were lacking cinematically, so Inventive Films strives to capture a winery’s genuine brand story and experiences.

“I’m lucky to have the job that I do, I love to direct and operate productions, but more than anything I enjoy helping businesses and organizations reach a mass amount of people in the most creative ways. I have surrounded myself with a positive and talented crew of people that I love to work with,” comments David.

“I am a passionate filmmaker that will bring your vision to life,” explains David. David can be contacted at david@inventivefilming.com or (707) 307-9700 and his portfolio can be viewed at: http://inventivefilming.com

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