Dina L Northcutt – Member Management & Winery Operations

dina northcutt headshot (1)Dina L Northcutt – Member Management & Winery Operations

Raised in an agricultural community with a grandfather who made his own wines, Dina has always been fascinated by soil composition, micro-climates and botany. Dina educated herself by literally digging for information on terroir and growing seasons. Naturally inquisitive, she began experimenting with winemaking at the ripe old age of 15, and has been a wine enthusiast all of her adult life. Dina likes to say, “It’s only gotten worse over the years. I have an insatiable appetite for learning more about the wine industry”.

Dina’s experience began as a software project manager and management consultant for a wide range of products and services, and over the last 20 years, developed into strategic business analysis. She has taken her analytical knowledge and focused it on the wine industry, where she worked as a DTC Coordinator, then at the end of her workday, would change clothes and work in the cellar and vineyards. This combination of concept and practice has helped her achieve a more rounded understanding of what goes into making a great bottle of wine. Dina’s enthusiasm and passion for the industry shines through during her workshops.

Her specialty is business process improvements within mid-sized to large companies and wineries. She works with Winery Operations to identify where a winery is losing money, time and materials, then re-writes that process, offering a strategic plan to streamline functionality. She also analyzes data to uncover opportunities for improvement, as well as solutions to building wine clubs and retaining members. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Winery Technology and Application Improvements
  • Operational Strategy
  • Wine Club Set Up, Strategy & Hospitality Improvements

Prior to joining the wine industry, Dina worked with companies nationally and globally such as Oracle, Randstad, Franklin Templeton Investments, Intel, Omnicom, Wells Fargo, and Chateau Montelena. She has proven her abilities in the areas of project management and execution, change management, team development and training, logistics, global branding and corporate identity, business development, workflow automation solutions, customer facing-presentations, marketing, public relations, and communications.  Download Dina’s BIO.

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