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2023 Direct Wine Sales Success Web Training

January 24 @ 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Get Hands-On Instruction & Tools Ideal for Winery Owners, Stakeholders, and Managers. Leverage Proven Methods & Winning Formulas.

Sandra Hess, wine consumer engagement specialist and founder of DTC Wine Workshops consulting agency will share winning formulas in this hands-on web training. Participants will get questions answered in two Q & A Sessions, receive a Web Training Checklist and leave with these Key Learnings:

1. A review of most effective DTC Manager Compensation Programs that Best Retain Top Talent and Ensure Success.

2. Presentation of the Top 5 Tasting Room Conversion Paths and Incentives that drive Long-Term Engagement and Sales Success.

3. Presentation of Updated DTC Division ORG Structures and Roles used by High-Performing Winery Teams.

4. Essential DTC Technology Updates to make NOW to ensure Sales and Marketing Success in 2023.

5. Top Tips for Building Communities that Encourage Reengagement and Brand Ambassador Behaviors.


Find out what Top Performing Winery Teams are saying about Sandra Hess and DTC Wine Workshops HERE.

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