Stefani Ginotti – Winery Team Training & Brand Development

Stefani Ginotti – Winery Team Training & Brand Development

With close to three decades of coaching and consulting experience, Stefani Ginotti is a proven leader within the greater Sacramento area and the California wine industry. Her expertise is focused on discovering business efficiencies that can be gained through effective team building and strategic management training. Whether an operation that is experiencing the growing pains of starting-up or facing the challenge of re-inventing itself, Stefani has the all-encompassing knowledge of how a business should operate to gain its full potential.

Among her many successful consultative partnerships, Stefani played an integral role in the launch and subsequent growth of Miner’s Leap Winery. What started with just an idea sketched on a piece of paper has now grown to be one of the most highly regarded wineries in the Clarksburg, California wine region – complete with a tasting room, event space and wine club. Since the launch of Miner’s Leap, Stefani has worked with numerous wine brands in the Sacramento region to align them with the latest trends and best practices in wine – including tasting room experiences, point-of-sale setup and execution, marketing, and employee onboarding. Her institutional knowledge of the “do’s and don’ts” for building a brand makes her an invaluable partner in identifying the end-to-end needs of creating and maintaining a successful wine business. For Stefani, it’s not about simply going through the motions of setting up a business, but rather it’s about building a team that understands hospitality at a high level and creates truly memorable occasions for customers.

Leanne Davis of Via Romano Vineyards, notes her experience on working with Stefani:

“Stefani was instrumental in our initial stages of opening a winery. She knows people in every aspect of the wine business from accountants to label designers to winemakers and everyone in-between while having a special skill for networking. She connected us with people that we were able to work with immediately and still rely on to help run our business today. As a former winery owner, she has her pulse on the wine industry and is full of great ideas that she’s willing to share.”

Aside from helping business’ grow, Stefani served as Director of the Clarksburg Vintners and Growers Association and is a current member of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. In her spare time, she enjoys maintaining a strong fitness routine and has been an active member of the Team USA Roller Hockey and National Women’s Hockey Team.

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