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About Us

DTC Wine Workshops provides direct to consumer (DTC) wine sales consulting services, project management work and training tools to help winery teams grow direct sales, improve conversion rates, retain loyal customers and expand brand awareness. We partner with leading technology companies supporting wineries to provide training and support, using an ideal blend of technology and processes. Find out more about us…..

The DTC Consultant Network is a group of 18 specialists serving wineries nationally with either monthly services or project based work.  The Network meets monthly for a roundtable discussion to share industry insights related to various specialty areas that support DTC wine sales & customer retention. DTC Wine Workshops and the DTC Consultant Network reviews systems and processes regularly to ensure best practices are applied in every project.

Whether your winery is launching a new direct to consumer sales division, setting up an eCommerce system, looking for staff training or is in need of extra help specific to a project, we are ready to help.

To learn more about the type of services provided, visit the DTC Consultant Network Overview page.

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