BIOS and More

DTC Wine Workshops launched the DTC Consultant Network in August, 2014 to provide wineries a full-service solution and access to wine industry specialists nationally.  The network is a group of direct wine sales and marketing consultants with proven methodologies and portfolios. Winery teams can engage with network members on a project-by-project basis or a monthly retainer program.

Sandra Hess
Consumer Engagement & Direct Wine Sales Strategist
Nicholas Karavidas
Data Analytics and Customer Mapping Specialist
Barbara Gorder
Winery Brand Development Specialist
Taylor Eason
Digital Wine Marketing & SEM Strategist
Stacie Jacob
Winery Public Relations & Marketing Specialist
Dina L. Northcutt
Membership Management & Winery Operations Specialist
Adam Ivor
International Direct Wine Sales Strategist
Laura Perret Fontana
Digital Wine Marketing & Underground Event Specialist
Brian Baker
Winery Brand Positioning & Profitability Specialist