Meet the DTC Consultant Network

The DTC Consultant Network is a group of wine industry specialists supporting wineries of all sizes, nationally on either a project or retainer basis. Pick the network member of your choice or build a team of consultants to assist with an upcoming project. Learn – Build – Grow.


Sandra Hess
DTC Sales Strategy, CRM & Staff Training
Nicholas Karavidas
Data Analytics and Customer Mapping
Stacie Jacob
Winery PR, Marketing & Brand Strategy
Ken Majer
Leadership Development & Winery Team Coaching
Cynthia Beebout
Winery Finance, Operations & Software Implementations
Kevin Smith
Strategic Sales Planning & Loyalty Program Development
Barbara Gorder
Winery Brand Development & Strategy
Jenni Linteo
Direct Wine Sales Compliance Management
Melissa Leiter
Social Media Marketing, Management & Training
John Gavin
E-Commerce Website Design, Development & Marketing
Dina L Northcutt
Winery Operations & Process Improvement
David Schloss
Winery Video Production & Creative Development