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Winery Teams: Having Trouble Keeping New Talent Around?

Guest Blog Post featuring Ken Majer, author of four books on values-based corporate culture and leadership values and member of the DTC Consultant Network.  December 22, 2016 Keeping new talent is only one of the many issues wineries face as the industry is facing many changes. There is a sea change […]

DTC Wine Sales News – December 2016

Greetings! “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – and this rings so true for many winery teams wrapping up 2016 and preparing end of year direct sales reports. According to Wines & Vines Analytics/ShipCompliant, Direct-to-consumer (DtC) shipments increased in the tradit ionally strong month of November. Sales topped $332 […]

DTC Wine Sales News – November 2016

  CONGRATULATIONS to the winery teams who have worked strategically to GROW direct wine sales while RETAINING loyal customers this year. Your efforts have paid off according to the latest report in Wines & Vines!   Greetings! Well, the numbers don’t lie. Winery teams who have invested in direct to […]

DTC Wine Sales News – October 2016

  The value of wines shipped in September, 2016 totaled $198 million, up from $169 million the same month a year earlier. Is your winery team ready to finish the fourth quarter STRONG? Greetings! Wine consumers continue to demand more wines shipped nationally as we look at a report released in […]

DTC Wine Sales News – September 2016

  Finish the YEAR STRONG with an ideal blend of Conversion Tools, Customer Touch-Points and Retention Best Practices Greetings! As we wrap up Q3 and dive right into OND, we have a lot to celebrate. Not only are we seeing exceptional yields in the midst of this year’s harvest, but […]


Greetings! DTC Wine Sales News, August 2016. The wine industry is abuzz as harvest is in full swing and winery teams are planning holiday events and promotions.  “We are experiencing perfect growing conditions” explains Rolando Herrera, Mi Sueño Owner/Winemaker. Herrera is preparing for his 32nd professional grape harvest. Herrera produces 10,000 cases per year at […]

DTC Wine Sales News – July 2016

  As we look back at the first two quarters of 2016, what have we learned about DIRECT WINE SALES AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR?   Greetings! I have been hearing about a “slump” in direct wine sales for some wineries in the Napa Valley this past quarter. Since direct wine sales […]

DTC Wine Workshops celebrates Three-Year Anniversary!

Today, DTC Wine Workshops celebrates its THREE YEAR-ANNIVERSARY! Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops, shares her excitement. “I am thankful for the support of incredible clients, partners and members of the media as we have worked together to grow direct wine sales in the United States over the past […]

“Wine Compliance TIPS” Guest Blog Post featuring Jenni Linteo

Today, DTC Wine Workshops is featuring a guest blog post provided by Jenni Linteo, latest member of the DTC Consultant Network. Jenni supports small to mid-sized wineries in the areas of direct wine compliance, direct wine licensing and reporting. We hope that you find the information shared to be informative […]

“ROI of Email Marketing for Wineries” – Patty Ross, Guest Blog Post

DTC Consultant Network member Patty Ross shares best practices and the ROI of email marketing for wineries in this guest blog post. “Email marketing has an ROI of 3800%.” – Direct Marketing Association “When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate […]

Wineries Demand MORE Direct Wine Sales Tools in 2016

DTC Wine Workshops published a catalogue of 40 online workshops for 2016 to meet the growing demand of winery teams and managers.  Direct wine sales has become a very viable revenue channels for wineries throughout the nation over the past 8-10 years. We saw REAL growth and significant increase in […]

Consumer Demand Shapes DTC Wine Industry in 2016

What has consumer demand taught winery teams this past year? As we kick off 2016 and review data just released from Wines & Vines in the ShipCompliant report, we know that the total value of winery-to-consumer shipments increased 8.1% to almost $2 billion last year. The average price decreased from $38.40 […]