Top Direct Wine Sales Tools for 2023

[December 29, 2022 – Sandra Beals prev Hess] Winery teams across the globe leverage DTC Wine Workshops proven methods and training programs to capitalize on what is now a $4.3 billion dollar industry in wine shipped producer to consumer last year. While wine shipment volume was 9% down year over year this past August, we are thrilled to see the total value of cases shipped in the first half of the 2022 increase 3%, reaching $1.95 billion. A big thanks for our friends at Sovos/ShipCompliant and Wines Vines Analytics for keeping us so well informed with the 2022 Mid-Year DTC Wine Shipping Report. A key measure of success we continue to coach our clients on is the increase in average bottle prices and order values when selling direct to luxury wine consumers. At mid-year, 2022, the average bottle price of wines shipped producer to consumer increased by 14% year over year to $43.78. Not only does this measure of success highlight the most effective use of direct wine sales strategies but it also touches on the trust that consumers now have when buying winery direct.

With the evolution of Virtual Winery Programs, Private Client Services and focused Wine Consumer Journey Maps, winery stakeholders now have more consumer data points than ever to make smart decisions based on proven strategies. We are honored to support top performing winery teams leveraging these key insights for the past ten years.

Since 2013, our DTC Consultant Network has provided onsite and online training programs customized to winery and wine region needs. Today, we release three web training programs to kick-off 2023! Topics include Wine Consumer Journey Mapping, DTC Wine All Star Staff Training, and 2023 Direct Sales Success Tools. Each web program is provided live and includes hands-on instruction, best practices, scenario training and a session checklist that can be implemented the next day.

Our clients enjoy sharing their feedback in our DTC Wine Workshops Testimonials page. Find feedback on topics that include Consumer Insights Report Development, Top Winery Website Tools Training, Winery Telesales Workshops, Customer Service Training, Wine Consumer Engagement Training, Wine Consumer Data Collection Workshops, Storytelling Workshops, the DTC Wine Management Academy, and more. Reach out to schedule a custom training program for your winery team this next year.

Did you know that we are now a group of 11 direct wine sales and marketing specialists? Each consultant has been carefully selected and has developed proven solutions for the wine industry. Find our DTC Consultant Network information pages HERE to best connect.

Find additional Top 2023 Direct Wines Sales Tools at the DTC Wine Workshops Blog page and DTC Wine Video Case Studies page. We invite you to subscribe and stay on top of your direct wine sales game plan for years to come.

Wishing you and your respective teams much happiness this holiday season and in the year ahead.


Sandra and the DTC Consultant Network