Direct Wine Sales – Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

[March 28, 2024 – Sandra Beals] In 2023, I shared a “Good to Great Blog Series” to showcase how our top-performing winery clients leverage the ideal blends of talent, tools, and technologies to grow their direct business. In today’s blog article, I share “Direct Wine Sales – Top 10 Mistakes […]

Get to the 2nd Direct Wine Sale with these Top Three Tools

[February 29, 2024 – Sandra Beals] How do high-performing winery teams across the nation, increase visitation, grow consumer contact lists and build brand loyalists year after year? At DTC Wine Workshops, we teach every member of the direct to consumer team to focus on the second sale and beyond to […]

Direct Wine Sales Specialists – 2024 Web Trainings

[January 24, 2024 – Sandra Beals] A group of Direct Wine Sales Specialists with the DTC Consultant Network have teamed up to provide live web training sessions in 2024. Winery owners, stakeholders, managers, and frontline staff will obtain much needed skills to remain relevant and grow consumer contact lists. Winery […]

2023 Direct Wine Sales Key Learnings & 2024 Training Tools

[December 27, 2023 – Sandra Beals] Our clients have much to celebrate as we wind down a year focused on strengthening and building in the direct wine space. I am pleased to share these 2023 Direct Wine Sales Key Learnings. We worked together to build “Wine Consumer Journey Maps” in […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series #8 – Rethink Winery Events

[November 29, 2023 – Sandra Beals] As our clients prepare for 2024 visitation, now is the time to rethink the WHY behind winery events. Today, most wine brands don’t have the luxury of hosting the same event five years in a row as loyalists want to be intrigued and inspired […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series #7 – Be an Admired Winery Brand

[October 26, 2023 – Sandra Beals] The luxury market is undergoing a significant transformation as it adapts to the growing spending power of Gen Z consumers. Along with Millennials, these individuals accounted for “the entire growth of the luxury market in 2022,” according to Bain & Company, and are predicted to […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series #6 – Define and Leverage Key Wine Brand Differentiators

[September 28, 2023 – Sandra Beals (NOT AI)] As the direct to consumer wine space has evolved over the past 10-12 years, we have helped leadership teams develop organizational structures, customized training programs, training manuals, hospitality service standards, and standard operating procedures. In doing this work, we walk business stakeholders […]

2013-2023 A Decade of Direct Wine Sales Success Stories

[July 31, 2023 – Sandra Beals – 20 to 30 minute read] 2013-2023 A Decade of Direct Wine Sales Success Stories “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Benjamin Franklin Ten years ago this month, I founded DTC Wine Workshops Consulting Agency. […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series – #4 “Personalize and Customize ”

[June 22, 2023 – Sandra Beals] With more winery choices than ever, remaining relevant and appealing has gotten a lot more challenging. There isn’t a “one size fits all” formula for standing out in the crowd, but a common theme of our most successful winery clients is the ability to […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series – #3 “Know your Audience”

[May 24, 2023 – Sandra Beals] How do high performing hospitality teams go from good to great when hosting tasting room guests? Seasoned winery hosts first know their audience before sharing a wine presentation with relevant stories. In this post-pandemic period, time is the #1 commodity of winery visitors as […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series – #2 Develop a “Care Culture”

[March 28, 2023 – Sandra Beals] How a hospitality team makes guests feel begins with how each team member is supported by the leadership team. Top performing winery teams have adopted Care Cultures for many years including iconic brands ranging from Cakebread, Trinchero, Wente, Domaine Carneros, and Silver Oak/Twomey, to […]

DTCWW Good to Great Series – #1 Become “Winery Community Builders”

[January 27, 2023 – Sandra Beals] Today, I am excited to release the DTCWW Going from Good to Great Series #1 “Become Winery Community Builders”. Watch for a year full of articles focused on proven models and tools for success as DTC Wine Workshops gets ready to celebrate our 10 […]

Top Direct Wine Sales Tools for 2023

[December 29, 2022 – Sandra Beals prev Hess] Winery teams across the globe leverage DTC Wine Workshops proven methods and training programs to capitalize on what is now a $4.3 billion dollar industry in wine shipped producer to consumer last year. While wine shipment volume was 9% down year over […]

Tasting Room Visitation DOWN & Private Client Sales UP This Holiday Season

[November 30, 2022 – Sandra Beals prev Hess] Consumer spending on domestic wine, including bulk imports, increased nearly 9% versus last year to $54.9 billion in the past 12 months, as winery direct-consumer shipment value gained 1% in October to $608 million according to Wines Vines Analytics. On the flip […]