Top 4 Digital Wine Marketing Tips Guest Blog Post

Guest Blog Post Featuring Laura Perret Fontana, Digital Wine Marketing Strategist & Member of the DTC Consultant Network Top 4 Digital Wine Marketing Tips Guest Blog Post How much time do YOU spend online? The U.S. consumer spends on average 24 hours a week!* With this significant figure, almost all […]

2019 Winery Mystery Shop Services

We are scheduling shoppers at winery properties throughout the nation in 2019!  Build effective direct to consumer sales and marketing strategies by leveraging the mystery shopper scorecard results as well as expert recommendations. 2019 Winery Mystery Shop Services are now being scheduled. DTC Wine Workshops consulting agency supports wineries throughout the […]

Top 5 Tips for Rewarding Wine Brand Loyalists this Holiday Season

Does your Winery DTC Team have a Plan in Place to Reward and Recognize Brand Loyalists during the Holidays? Get the top 5 Tips for Rewarding Wine Brand Loyalists this Holiday Season! We know the drill….DTC sales and marketing managers need to release Holiday Gifting Campaigns by October 15th to […]

DTC Wine Workshops Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary

Castro Valley, CA – July 30, 2018 Today, DTC Wine Workshops consulting agency celebrates five years of serving winery teams throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to our clients and partners as each person has made this journey an incredible one. From day one, our […]

Direct Wine Sales Case Studies #10 and #11

Direct Wine Sales Case Study #10 – July 11, 2018. What is the true return investment (ROI) when a wine brand uses telesales services to grow direct wine sales and convert customers to loyal club members? In the tenth episode of the DTC Wine Case Study Series, Sandra Hess, founder of […]

Wine Club Competition Today and How to Stay Relevant

As direct to consumer wine sales throughout the US continue to grow at a pace of 10-25% year over year, we know that wine club competition today is more fierce than ever. I encourage direct wine sales team members to gather together and update strategic sales & marketing plans by […]

Wine Consumer Trends 2018: Ten Key Questions to Consider

What do we know about wine consumer trends when it comes to Mobile E-Commerce? Executives from Wine.com held their eight annual Growth Summit in Sonoma a few weeks ago in which they shared key wine consumer buying trends and insights. Total sales across the Wine.com platform reached over $100 million […]

DTC Winery Teams: Are you talking to your loyal customers?

According to Bain & Company, attracting a new customer costs your business six to seven times more than retaining an existing one. The Small Business Administration reports that 68% of customers leave brands because they are upset with the treatment they’ve received. 70% of buying experiences are based on how […]