Preference Based Marketing

Guest Blog Post by Rick Morgin – Winery Dashboards

What is a winery dashboard and why should wineries use them? Three hypothetical wineries are committed to investing to grow their direct to consumer (DTC) sales. Each winery has segmented their target market based on price. In this example, target consumers who spend more than $20.00 per 750ml bottle of […]

Guest Blog Post by Marc Engel – Perspectives on Wine Marketing Research

Conducting wine marketing research in the wine industry is like hugging a porcupine. It’s hard to wrap your arms around, and you better know what you’re doing or else you can get hurt. The challenge is endemic to wine itself. With what other product do consumers get so overwhelmed by […]

Wineries socially share the LOVE this Valentine’s

It’s a week before the big day and I was curious to see how wineries are leveraging social outlets to connect with fans and share the love.  Does your winery have a social content calendar in place to capitalize on direct to consumer sales during the Holiday’s?  Wineries using promo […]

Younger wine buyers enjoy premium wines without pretension

 “Younger Generations redefining the wine scene”  Click Here to Watch Video This article picked up by ABC Local* recently caught my eye. There are 70 million millennials who use apps to do just about everything!  Sipping, exploring and experiencing wine is a new activity that the younger scene is all about.  In […]