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“Step by Step Guide to Winery Branding” Webinar

February 13 @ 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

“Step by Step Guide to Winery Branding” Webinar. Join Barbara Gorder, Brand Strategist & Founder of Undisclosed Location, for this hands-on web training. REGISTER HERE

Get hands-on instruction and top tools from the best! Barbara supports notable consumer package goods and luxury businesses in and outside of the wine industry.

Branding: Step by step

Don’t make the costly mistakes many do when starting a new wine brand or launching a new campaign. Learn the proper steps and process of strategy and creative development to make a successful and efficient launch happen. Hint: It’s not your logo, your website, or your label that comes first. Learn what to budget for and how much to expect to spend- this year and the following. Marketing is essential and yet the most frequently underestimated expenditure category in wine. This webinar creates a framework that supports standout creativity and helps to match your wine brand with a unique selling proposition.


1. Find your True North

Understand how to create a good brief for marketing your brand for yourself, your team, and other vendors you may engage with as you develop your launch materials. Why pursuing conventional wisdom might work or be a disaster in the wine business.

2. Calendar and Costs

Get the answers to these imporant questions: How long does it take to develop go-to-market materials? How much does it cost? What should you do yourself VS outstource? What should you engage professionals for?

3. Understanding Consumers

What categories of consumers are worth chasing and why for your brand?

Branding: Sub Branding

Your mainline brand is a hit. But you want to riff into retail, find new consumers, or bring a new variety of wine to your roster. Or possibly create a new brand that makes sense and pairs with your wine brand narrative. What are the steps? What are the equities you own? This webinar helps you understand how to develop a plan and tackle effective sub-branding efficiently.


1. What is a sub-brand, and why do you need one? How will it fit in or stand apart from your narrative?

2. Keys to creating a successful identity. And why it isn’t just the great design that makes it memorable? Review some successes and failures in and out of the wine category.

3. Know your consumers and why that impacts your marketing channels and media opportunities.

Branding: Re-Branding

You think your brand needs a refresh to meet new consumers and attract attention. Learn how to evaluate current names, graphics, narratives, and copy to create a plan that can help you develop something fresh. How to understand the development and production pathways and costs. Launch timing and why it matters.


1. When is the right time to refresh your brand, label, signage, interiors or everything?

2. What is an asset, and what is an albatross? How to realistically inventory and why this needs to be done upfront. Some tactics to enroll key stakeholders who might not see it as you do.

3. Testing options.

4. How long will it take? Production pathways and ideas on how to integrate and leverage your efforts in a positive manner.

5. When to launch and why.


Barbara Gorder started out in Chicago at Leo Burnett and DDB, creating fully integrated advertising campaigns for companies including Maybelline, Hallmark, General Motors, P&G, and Reebok. She has won many awards across a wide variety of consumer categories. Her winery clients range from small family wineries to public companies. They include Chateau Montelena, Purple Wine Group, Constellation, and many others. She also has experience in developing and rebranding Spirits Brands.

Barbara lives on Sonoma Mountain and has worked as Keynote Chair of the DTC Wine Symposium since 2010.