VinTank and Delectable: Imagine a World……

Imagine a world where you could take a picture of a wine bottle using an App on your smart phone and instantly find out everything you need to know about that wine. Now imagine buying that wine right from the App after reading up on wine notes, ratings, etc. Now let’s get really crazy here and imagine a winery that could have a daily list of new customers that purchased through an App and could then thank them for the purchase and invite them to join a tasting, special event or wine club. IMAGINE NO MORE! Thanks to the recent announcement of VinTank and Delectable Wine App integration, customers have the power to find and buy wine anytime and wineries have the power to connect with their customers in a very different way. Wineries can now segment customers by “mobile purchasers” and use this information to cater to buyers who prefer to shop through a smart phone or tablet.  Wineries must have a mobile e-commerce site to stay competitive. I suggest that wineries pay close attention to the percentage of new purchases made through an App or mobile device and if needed, tailor messages to this new sales channel.  Encouraging visitors to “check-in” with their smart phones while at the tasting room or winery event will expand your online visibility and reach. Ensure that your winery has a “mobile marketing plan” in place and use VinTank to the fullest to foster customer relationships. VinTank is based out of Napa, CA and Delectable is based out of San Francisco, CA.  Delectable is a free Wine App available through Apple.  VinTank is a cloud-based social relationship management tool that starts at $45 per month and well worth every penny.

I recently came across this impressive Infographic* about mobile e-commerce statistics that we can all learn from.  Times are a changing and we are spending more time using mobile devices to shop.  The mobile shopping experience needs to reflect your brand, it needs to be easy and must feel safe. Does your winery have the tools in place to capture this growing sales channel?

Mobile e commerce stats

*Infographic courtesy of & Super Monitoring

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