DTC Wine Leadership Forum Launches Spring 2021

Winery Leaders and Trend Setters Across the Nation Join this Private Group for a Monthly Problem-Solving Session in the Virtual Space

[February 3, 2021 – Northern California] Members of the DTC Consultant Network, a division of DTC Wine Workshops, have been serving winery teams in almost every major wine region of the US with strategic planning and coaching services since 2013. This network has provided proven models and holistic approaches to winery stakeholders and managers in both iconic and evolving wine regions alike. The DTC Wine Workshops team has been recognized for being “Thought-Leaders” and “Trend Setters” in the direct-to-consumer wine space by media outlets such as Wine Business Monthly and Forbes Magazine to name a few. A key principle for forming these successful models has been the focus on helping clients leverage the “Ideal Blends of Tools, Talent and Technology” to increase direct sales, expand brand awareness, and nurture communities of brand loyalists. Consumers now have over 11,000 wine brands to engage with across the US and most wine enthusiasts can enjoy a tasting room experience within 2 hours of their homes anywhere across the nation. The opportunity to inspire, educate and recognize brand loyalists has never been better. Staying ahead of the curve is key in today’s competitive DTC Wine Sales environment.

“I have had the honor of traveling to almost every major wine region across the nation since 2013 as I am a regular speaker at Winery Association Conferences and also provide Onsite Winery Workshop Programs. My consulting team continues to focus on consumer demand trends at the regional level and layers this valuable information against winery models to provide proven methods. There aren’t any One-Size-Fits-All Solutions in our Playbooks,” shares Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops. “I also pay attention to the evolving needs of winery owners and stakeholders as we continue to develop new DTC sales solutions. A common theme over the past couple of years has been the request to develop a Monthly DTC Leadership Forum where I can nurture my community of direct to consumer stand-outs and connect these thought leaders to one another. I am excited to launch the First of Its Kind DTC Leadership Forum this spring”. 

WHAT IS THE DTC LEADERSHIP FORUM? DTC Wine Thought Leaders and Trend Setters from across the nation will come together in a monthly problem-solving session, facilitated by Sandra Hess, beginning this April via Go-to-Meeting. This community of winery stakeholders represent high-performing DTC divisions and bring proven models to the forum. Access to this forum is by invitation only to ensure a high level of trust and commitment is cultivated. Sandra Hess has developed an annual calendar of key topics/challenges to work through with monthly forum worksheets and coaching tools to ensure each member gets the most out of their participation. Members of the DTC Consultant Network will be invited as special guests on occasion to provide guidance on topics such as profitability models, digital marketing best practices, brand-building principles, and smart technology solutions. Each forum will cap out at 20 members to maximize time for information sharing and problem-solving in a “whiteboard style session”. Forum members will also have access to a private whiteboard website to continue the conversation in between sessions. “We have seen the important value that this style of forum provides creative types as well as strategic planners and I’m excited to finally launch this much-needed program,” shares Hess.

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About Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops and the DTC Consultant Network is a subject matter specialist and public speaker on the subject of direct to consumer wine sales.