Three Pillars of DTC Wine Sales Success

[June 8, 2021 – Santa Rosa, CA] On May 26th, Sandra Hess, Consumer Engagement Specialist and founder of DTC Wine Workshops, moderated an insightful discussion, for Wine Industry Network at the virtual Wine Industry Symposium. She brought together Efrain Barragan – Director of Digital Marketing, Cliff Family Winery St Helena, Maggie Tillman, Owner/Director of Sales & Marketing – Alta Colina Winery Paso Robles, and Judd Wallenbrock – President & CEO, C. Mondavi & Family to share their valuable insights. These three winery executives represent small, mid and large wine brands across California. Each has formed solid communities of brand loyalists with a focus on relationship building, lifestyle experiences and philanthropic initiatives. In today’s crowded winery direct space, fostering personal connections with like-minded communities is essential in building a sustainable winery business.

What are the Three Pillars of DTC Wine Sales Success?

#1 Provide Meaningful Invitations for Like-Minded Consumers to Engage and Reengage.

#2 Get Behind a Cause with your Tribe of Wine Brand Loyalists.

#3 Extend Personal Touch-Points in between Visits to Deepen Relationships and Stay Connected.

Learn how to nurture current consumer relationships and empower loyalists to expand brand reach—and personal connections in the Wine Industry Sales Symposium replay video.

About Sandra Hess

Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops and the DTC Consultant Network is a subject matter specialist and public speaker on the subject of direct to consumer wine sales.