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“Top 5 Direct Wine Sales Tips” Guest Blog Post

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Stefani Ginotti to the DTC Consultant Network. With close to three decades of coaching and consulting experience, Stefani Ginotti is a proven leader within the greater Sacramento area and the California wine industry. Her expertise is focused on discovering business efficiencies that can be […]

Wine Consumer Trends 2018: Ten Key Questions to Consider

What do we know about wine consumer trends when it comes to Mobile E-Commerce? Executives from held their eight annual Growth Summit in Sonoma a few weeks ago in which they shared key wine consumer buying trends and insights. Total sales across the platform reached over $100 million […]

DTC Winery Teams: Are you talking to your loyal customers?

According to Bain & Company, attracting a new customer costs your business six to seven times more than retaining an existing one. The Small Business Administration reports that 68% of customers leave brands because they are upset with the treatment they’ve received. 70% of buying experiences are based on how […]

NEW International Wine Sales Webinars Announced!

DTC Wine Workshops welcomes Adam Ivor, newest member of the DTC Consultant Network and co-founder of Gliding Eagle Incorporated. Adam advises winery teams around International Direct to Consumer Wine Sales Solutions and Evolving Global Distribution Strategies. Adam will be joining DTC Wine Workshops founder, Sandra Hess, to deliver four webinars in 2018. Find out […]

New Direct Wine Marketing Webinars Announced!

DTC Wine Workshops welcomes Taylor Eason, winery marketer extraordinaire, formerly the marketing director at Gundlach Bundshu and senior manager, brand marketing at J Vineyards. Taylor is the newest member of the DTC Consultant Network and also the owner of Cork & Fork Digital Media. As the principal of Cork & Fork Digital […]

DTC Wine Workshops Expands Training Services to Australia

DTC Wine Workshops and Wine Tourism Australia partner to provide online training, best practices and coaching to wineries throughout Australia selling direct to consumer. DTC Wine Workshops was established in 2013 out of a growing need for wineries throughout the United States to implement ideal blends of technology and processes […]