Nick Karavidas – Winery Brand Strategy & Portfolio Management

Nick Karavidas – Winery Brand Strategy & Portfolio Management

Nicholas Karavidas is a Winemaker & Principal of Consulting Wine, International.  After a 4-decade career in winemaking, Nick Karavidas operates multiple small divisions of wine business under the umbrella of “The Wine Firm” in Northern California.

From Expert Witness legal wine litigation cases to ‘hired gun’ wine business reorganization, Nick has a particular passion for family business of which makes up 100% of his consulting client roster. Nick serves as a board member of The Green Valley Foundation of Southern California spearheading an effort to balance community development with specific vineyard master planning and also serves as a wine industry advisor for ‘go-to-market’ geographic consumer modeling through Geostrategies, Inc., in California.

His most recent role is Vice President of Commercial Development for the 3500-ton family owned winery, Lawson Family Enterprises/Victor Vineyards, through which he also produces his own portfolio wines.

Nick’s latest passion for winemaking is producing sustainably grown and ancient vine wines of which his wine brand “The Narcissist” centers around natural resource conservation and the preservation of ancient oak forests around the world.

Nick has placed an emphasis on leading the next generation of sustainable production practices by launching his winery supplies company, Flexcube West, serving the entire U.S. wine, beer, and spirits market.

Being a career winemaker, production director, and General Manager of one of California’s largest wineries, Oak Ridge, Nick Karavidas’ experience in leading wine business spanning three decades has given him a visionary insight that defies many of the ‘status quo’ habits that plague wine distribution in the US.  Combining efforts with industry veterans such as Mark Chandler and alignment with US Market Intelligence leader Carl Schroeder of Geostrategies, Inc., Nick is forging a new paradigm of how wine branding and distribution are approached and conquered in the US.

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