Shana Bull – Video Marketing & Winery Storytelling

Shana Bull – Video Marketing, Winery Storytelling, Content Creation, & Digital Marketing Specialist 

Shana Bull is the founder of Shana Bull, Digital Marketing and has been involved in wine marketing for 11 years. Her title “Digital Storyteller” encompasses her passion for helping wine brands connect with consumers by telling their unique stories through social media and in-person. She has been a wine blogger since 2009 and is a published writer on wine, restaurants, social media marketing, parenting, music, and travel. Shana has been teaching classes on social media for ten years and was named one of the top “40 under 40” Young Professionals by the North Bay Business Journal in 2017.

Her background includes social media strategy, content creation (words, videos, and pictures), SEO, consulting, community management, influencer marketing, public relations, and event planning for everything from small wine events, to large seminars and karaoke parties for hundreds of teachers. 

She is also passionate about dry rosé wines, elaborate cheese boards, and traveling on food adventures with her husband and redheaded son. Recently she moved to the East San Francisco Bay from Santa Rosa, but she has also lived in the wine regions of Napa Valley, Placer County, and close to Temecula. 

Shana has worked with family-owned businesses and wine associations as well as top national brands, including Xbox Media, L’Oréal, Hewlett Packard, Scharffen Berger Chocolate, Sephora, Microsoft, Clos du Bois, Kendall-Jackson Wine Estate, and Robert Mondavi Wines.

She has worked with clients to create a fleshed-out marketing strategy, teaching them social media tools that will grow their following, content creation that can tell a story unique to each winery, and best practices for photography and video production. She also has experience creating influencer marketing campaigns (from her former life at a PR agency and from her experience as a wine writer). 

To connect with Shana and request an Introductory Call, contact her HERE.

Services include: 

  • Digital Marketing (strategic planning, campaign execution, content creation, and reporting)
  • Copywriting & SEO
  • Social Media Marketing (community management, best practices, and content creation)
  • Video Production for Digital Media Training 
  • Wine Photography Training
  • Digital Influencers & Brand Ambassadors 


“Shana is one of the best in the biz and is as real, authentic, and passionate as it gets with real-world experience.”

-Jim Morris, Awesome dude. Vice President, Estate Management and Guest Relations at Charles Krug Winery

Shana is approachable and has hands-on knowledge of successfully using the skills.” 

– Anonymous in the Wine Industry 

You keep shining positivity on our sweet little wine country, thank you!! It does not go unrecognized.” 

– Leighann Lindsay, Director of Hospitality, Bella Vineyards

Shana’s class was one of the most informative, innovative, and fun afternoons I have ever had. I immediately took everything I learned that day and began implementing it into my own social media practices and have seen INSTAresults! I know that I will find myself at any class/lecture that Shana offers in the future and cannot wait until the next!”

– Landon McPherson, Founder, Harvest Card


Released May 4, 2020