DTCWW Referral Partner Network Overview

Does your company offer DTC technology or services to wineries? Do your clients need help implementing a new or updated DTC sales, marketing or retention program?

DTC Wine Workshops offers an array of direct to consumer consulting services to wineries ready to grow DTC sales and retain loyal customers. Our Referral Partner program allows you to offer your clients access to our suite of services, with the benefit of a referral fee. It’s an efficient way to add value for your clients, while also generating revenue for your business.

How it works:
  1. Complete an online application:  Our application process helps ensure that our relationship will be a good fit for both our businesses.  To apply, please complete our online application form.
  2. Referral Partner Network Agreement: If approved, we’ll reach out with a welcome email and partner agreement. Once this agreement has been signed by both parties, your account is active.
  3. Cross Promotion: To help promote our partnership, we will display your logo on our website, and ask that you do the same, with a short description of our services.
  4. Refer a Client: When you have a client who might be a good fit for us, fill out the online referral form and we’ll reach out to get more information and schedule an exploratory call with you and your client.

Interested in joining? Complete our online application form.

Questions?  Download our factsheet or contact us at sales@dtcwineworkshops.com