Wine Industry Speaker and Consumer Engagement Specialist

DTC Wine Workshops Founder, Sandra Hess is a wine consumer engagement specialist and frequent speaker at wine industry conferences both nationally and internationally.  To learn more about Sandra’s specialty areas, download her BIO. To schedule an introductory call, email: [email protected] or call (707) 681-5120.

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What are others saying about Sandra’s presentations?

Allan Wright, Wine Tourism & Marketing Conference organizer recognized Sandra after her presentation on Tasting Room Management Best Practices.

“Hi Sandra, your 2016 workshop at the Wine Tourism & Marketing Conference in Texas got great reviews. 

THE SCORES ARE IN! Survey comments about Sandra’s presentation “Measuring DTC Sales Success” at the Vin65 Roadshow April 23, 2015:

  • Super helpful for smaller wineries like us
  • Direct, intimate, fluid. Sandra – best public speaker of the day. Knowledgeable – knocked it out of the park!
  • Very informative – makes me want to work with you to increase our image/feel
  • Excellent content & clear delivery

Alf Nuciforo, Chairman of the Luxury Market Council San Francisco recognized Sandra for her contribution to the DTC E-Commerce Technology Panel at DTC Done Right conference, Hall Wines, Saint Helena, CA February, 2014,“Sandra, the scorecards are in and the verdict is unanimous. Your panel discussion was a huge hit. We’ve had rave reviews about the information you conveyed and the candor of your comments.