DTC Wine Workshops Video Library

Leverage Best Practices, Proven Methods, and Words of Wisdom with the help of wine industry leaders in these educational webinars and video chats. Enjoy the DTC Wine Workshops Video Library!

Wine Industry Sales Symposium “Three Pillars of DTC Wine Sales Success” moderated by DTC Wine Workshops founder, Sandra Beals

May 25, 2021. Wine Industry Sales Symposium “Three Pillars of DTC Wine Sales Success” moderated by DTC Wine Workshops founder, Sandra Beals. In an era filled with fires and illness, there has never been a better time to strengthen the personal relationships we have with our wine consumers. Sandra moderated an insightful discussion between three winery executives who represent small, mid and large wine brands across California. Each has formed solid communities of brand loyalists with a focus on relationship building, lifestyle experiences and philanthropic initiatives. Learn how to nurture current consumer relationships and empower loyalists to expand brand reach—and personal touch.

Sandra Beals web interview with Kevin Smith, Professor at Fresno State Wine Business Program. “Strategic Planning Tips for Direct Wines Sales Success”

November 21, 2016 Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops, meets with DTC Consultant Network Member Kevin Smith to learn more about how he supports wineries as a Strategic Planning consultant. On top of serving as the Business and Marketing Director at Fresno State’s 6,500 case Winery and lecturing in Winery Business and Marketing courses, Kevin extends his university responsibilities into the local wine industry through research, student internships and consulting. Kevin shares Strategic Planning Tips for Direct Wines Sales Success in this informative web discussion.

Attract New Direct Wine Consumers and Retain Wine Brand Loyalists in this Introductory Webinar

August 16, 2016  DTC Consultant Network member, Stacie Jacob, shares latest case studies and best practices for how to leverage Winery Public Relations and Marketing Strategies to attract new audiences and retain loyalists in this Introductory Webinar.

Sandra helped a new wine brand share their story with Video Marketing in this Spotlight Video

April 1, 2015 Sandra interviews Randy and Brooke Hester of Lightning Wines in Napa, California to learn how this family wine brand is engaging with consumers throughout the nation.  Learn about their journey from Texas to California and their “Texafornia” Style Wines.

Get Top Three Direct Wine Brand Strategy Tips in this Introductory Video

November 20, 2014 DTC Consultant Network Member, Nick Karavidas, shares top three Direct Wine Brand Strategy tips in this introductory webinar.